Trailer Man Tiny House Trailer

We at Overland Canada are very excited to be the exclusive retailer for Trailer Man Tiny House Trailers in Alberta . These are a fun new product for us to be getting this fall season .

With all the things happening in the world today I think people are more then ever looking for housing options that are mobile and compact . These tiny house trailers are the perfect place to start that journey . 

What I love about these trailers to start with is that they are designed by people who actually build tiny homes , so they've takin all their knowledge and expertise to make your life easier when you're building your new home . 

These tiny home trailers range from 20ft to 36 ft long . Their lowest gvwr is 4545kg  (10,000 lbs ) and goes all the way up to 9545kg ( 21,000 lbs ) . The simple and durable construction provides years and minimal upkeep and repairs . With multiple trailer designs you can be sure they will build the trailer thats right for you.

They start with a welded tubular chassis ( material CSA G40 certified or ASTM A500 certified ) thats 100% transport Canada Certified and CSA Compliant . These Trailers have one of the lowest ride heights available with a 4" drop axle . They also feature non-radius fenders for easy construction along with a sealed wiring harness with LED lighting . Each trailer comes with electric brakes on every wheel under the home . 

The tiny house trailer is by far the most important part of the home. With Trailerman Trailers you can trust they only use the best materials in the market to build the platform for your dream home .

Contact us at Overland Canada today to request a quote and take one step closer to living your best tiny home life . 

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